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I had never heard of PDF Expert and was a little hesitant to purchase. However, since purchasing this program I have been amazed at what it can do and how easy it is to use! Not only does it do Sometimes I forget to include a page s. PDF Expert scanner sometimes scans blank pages or has them upside down. I could go on and on…but I think you get the message.

Although I purchased the app through the Apple App Store. I did have to contact the Readdle Customer Service with a minor update question. I have rarely seen such fast, professional and caring service. Alexandra at Readdle was wonderful and I also want to give her 5 stars!

After reading some PDF Expert the other reviews, I want to add PDF Expert I have been using this prgram about 1. Thank you Readdle Team! I spend bulk of my time reading PDF files, while making heavy annotations on PDF Expert. In its new editions 2.

XPDF Expert has established truly praise-worthy feats PDF Expert several fronts. In particular, annotating and feature-editing is now remarkably powerful and reliable.

For example, PDF Expert can very easily print only a PDF Expert portion of a page by simply removing other elements figures, text, etc to save ink. As far as annotation is concerned, one can use an open PDF page as if it is an open canvas inside Photoshop. All these powerful functions can be done without eating up system resources. Another pretty powerful feature is that one can open two windows from a PDF Expert file—for example, the left window shows page 3 whereas the right window shows the page 7 of the same document, a truly powerful feature for side-by-side analysis of different segments of a single PDF.

This will allow one to create a playlist file linking to specific eg. It is an especially useful app if, like me, you are pretty deep into the Apple ecosystem: PDF Expert is wonderfully integrated into my workflow. The options for annotating documents, running split screens, etc.

Here are a couple PDF Expert I would like to see: It would be great if they could engineer a view-option like that for the Mac version. The current work-around involves cropping the document—but this actually alters the document itself.

This way the whole screen can PDF Expert used for reading purposes.

PDF Expert


PDF Expert for Mac

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