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The difference in display quality is obvious. This means you can export a reflowable ePub, a fixed-layout ePub file, or a web version of your document with one or two clicks. Besides allowing you to import and control an audio or video file, you can make buttons that perform various actions go to another location, a webpage, hide and show objects, and so forth , create hotspots and popups, flip pages, rotate and slide items on the page, zoom into pictures, create multi-image slideshows and carousels, send email, use HTML5 widgets, geolocate the user, or display the live content of a webpage.

Perhaps most interestingly for publishers, you can create a Scroll Zone that displays only a portion of the content of a text box, but then the user can use scroll bars attached to it to view the rest of the story. HTML5 Publication is best used for brochures, interactive content marketing pieces, catalogs, and perhaps magazines.

If you add interactivity, they can feel like an app, but you have to host them on your own web server. In order to include interactivity in an HTML5 publication, Quark includes a web app in the exported package. This means that your HTML5 publication must be hosted on a web server to be seen by others. Fortunately, your Mac includes a built-in web server you can employ to instantly share the publication over the Internet. Many advanced OpenType fonts contain Stylistic Sets, which create harmonious combinations of letterforms chosen by the font designer.

This comes in handy when there are several alternate versions of a character, and you simply want the nicest choice for your text. Click the green O to see them. Color Picker and Multi Color Blends Formerly an XTension, the new Color Picker lets you click on any item including imported pictures to add new color swatches to your layout. Color blends can now include multiple colors, each with varying levels of tint and opacity.

Blends gradients in QuarkXPress can now include more than two colors. Each color can have a different level of opacity transparency and tint, and you can adjust them with sliders or by typing in values. Responding to user requests for troubleshooting, this utility now has an option to delete the QuarkXPress Preferences file as well.

Other user-requested improvements A common complaint from designers is that the items in palettes and panels are too small to see, especially on smaller screens with high resolutions. Quark has begun to address this issue with an optional 50 percent larger size for the icons and text in the Measurements palette, which is by far the most used palette in QuarkXPress. Quark finally added a Fit Box to Text feature, so that if your text is shorter than the box, or if it overflows the box, the box will resize to fit the text.

This feature even balances text in boxes that have multiple columns of text. As you drag an item, indicators conveniently appear to show you its spacing in relationship to other items. This makes it easy to align and uniformly space items.

In QuarkXPress , guides now appear that show when the edges and centers of text columns and gutters align with other items, even in multi-column text boxes. Print experts will appreciate support for ICCv4 color profiles. Still missing in action Quark dropped out of the features arms race with InDesign many years ago, instead focusing on providing the features most requested by its users. For example, QuarkXPress still lacks a Links palette. To determine the name and location of an imported graphic, you still need to open the Usage dialog.

Granted, you can select one or more picture boxes on a page first and when you open the Usage dialog those pictures are highlighted in it for you. Box Tools submenu: Add Crop Marks places crop marks around the selected box. Make Caption Box creates a caption box text box below the selected box. Grid submenu: By Dividing a Box creates a grid of boxes based on the dimensions of the selected box. Images submenu: Copy to Folder saves a copy of the picture in the selected picture box to a specified folder.

Fldr to Select PBoxes imports picture files from a specified folder into selected picture boxes. Pictures are imported in alphabetical order. Picture Box submenu: Place Name enters the name of a picture into a text box below the picture box that contains the picture. Set All Bkgnd None changes the background color of every picture box in the layout to None.

Set All Bkgnd changes the background of every picture box in the layout to a specified color and shade. Saving submenu: Special submenu:

QuarkXPress 2016 buy online

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