Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Price Comparison

Audio Tag Editor Automatically adds artist, album, song title or other track information to songs. CineMagic Automatically edits raw video into a finished production. Batch Audio Converter Batch converts selected audio files or an entire library into a preferred format.

Photo Assistants Turn photos into calendars, cards, panoramas, posters and other memorable projects. AutoMix Creates a perfect playlists based on songs that are similar to selected? Innovative Utilities and Features accessible from Roxio Central Creator 10 includes innovative utilities that help users do even more with their media and digital devices.

Disc Image Loader Mount up to 23 disc image files as virtual drives, as if they were physical discs in a drive. Media Import Easily import and capture audio, video and photos from both digital and analog devices. Disc Gallery Catalogs all the files stored on discs so users can instantly find an offline file Great Menu and Project Themes accessible from MyDVD, DVD Music and Photo projects Creator 10 includes innovative utilities that help users do even more with their recorder and media, as well as with other peripheral devices, such as cameras and camcorders.

Easily produce impressive multi-media projects that combine photos, video and music; share and enjoy on CD, DVD, the web or on popular portable players and cell phones Includes step-by-step video tutorials that lead users through the process of completing a wide range of personal digital-media projects Backup non-encrypted DVD-Videos or convert video files into preferred formats for use on an iPod, PSP, Windows Media portable device or mobile phone Powerful 32 track video editor with HD support and studio quality tools, effects, and transitions; edit and enhance photos, creating delightful photo projects and gifts New features and capabilities that are specifically designed to naturally extend the digital-media functionality of Vista Customer Reviews: Has never worked properly I thought it was something that I had done or it was my computer but now that I see all of these bad reviews I understand it is Roxio.

It has never worked as intended even after having been installed and uninstalled numerous times. It has ruined many DVDs because it stalls part-way through. Some of the features have never worked. And my computer is capable enough to handle it. I will never by Roxio again The Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 does much more than this, however. The useful Audio features allow you to copy, rip or create your own music CDs.

Media and Devices allows you to browse, manage and share photos, videos and music. The simple Photo Tools allow enhancement of photos, and creation of panoramas, photo projects and slideshows, and emailing of photos. The Video Tools are quite comprehensive and it appears that this is the direction in which Roxio wants to take its product. It allows you to burn video directly from a camcorder to DVD, to capture video, to make videos with custom sound tracks and transitions, and finally to make DVDs.

It supports conversion of different video formats including. I have not used all Roxio 10's features, and the video ones not at all, but the ones that I have used are intuitive and easy to use This is the worst software program that i've purchased in a long time..

The more I use it the more I find something to use. Organizing, I'm ok but tend to put everything in myphotos, myvideos, and so on. Of course the folders are full and it's hard ot find everything. I've made a lot of projects and have made subject folders. I can still see everthing with the media manager and by setting it on media type. It also monitors new media and adds it to the manager. For editing the programs are adequate, maybe a bit more.

The photo editor has the essentials plus panaroma. It melds several photos together which is something I tend to do for landscapes and large objects like statues. Photsuite is not a professional level program but a quick editor.

If you can use very advanced programs more power to you, but this is the right level for me. I've been able to make slideshows and albums.

I tried one standalone generic album program but it didn't work well and saved in a weird format. It's easy to make the shows workable on pcs, macs and even the internet. I haven't done much in video editing but I do use roxio for video viewing. It replaced several small format specific players. I don't edit music files much but I do like the music creator program.

I just select music type and a few other options and presto, custom music. Again, it's not a pro level program but an easy quick way to make simple tunes. I think the average user can pick this up and start using it immediately. It doesn't seem made for complex music making nor photo alteration.

It does fix and convert media files easily. After installation, my computer would not boot at all - so much for using restore. E-mailed Roxio, and their suggestions were of no help. Ended up re-installing Windows. What a mess. I will avoid Roxio from this point on They do not read what I tell them and my issue has not been resolved.

They keep sending me instructions for Vista, even though I tell them over and over again that I use XP. I am just going to uninstall for the last time and buy PowerDirector. They refuse to refund my money You can use the auto mix to automatically generate a collection of songs based on just one song you select. You can also use it to capture any audio playing on your computer such as from Internet radio programs, streaming music, and soundtracks from videos.

You can create your own movies complete with music and edit the movies by selecting scenes you want to include or exclude in the movie. Once the movie is made you can save it onto a DVD. You can also back up your music, photos, videos, and other files using Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite It was easy to install, although installation took a while and once it was done I also had to install QuickTime which also took awhile to install.

Once it was installed everything was pretty self-explanatory, but if you run into any problems there is a helpful tutorial as well as a web page with useful how to articles. Each section also has a guide describing the various applications. The music portion of the program has dozens of useful functions including the ability to catalog your music and if you are in the mood to purge your CD collection, you can burn certain songs and create CDs with just the songs you want.

My favorite part of the program is the movie section. It's very easy to upload and edit movies you've made, complete with music and text effects. I found selecting scenes to keep and delete to be extremely easy. It's also easy to upload them to YouTube if you want to.

Roxio Media Creator Suite 10 is easy and lots of fun to use. I mistakenly used it before downloading the update that Roxio offers. BAD mistake. Will not use this program again! I followed all the advise of doing the installation on a fresh restart and turning off all other programs, especially the Norton virus protection and firewall.

The install did take some time but went off without any problems. As stated in other reviews this program is definitely a resource hog and it does take some time to load the various components of the software but so far everything has worked well. One other reviewer mentioned a program that runs in the background and while he didn't say what that program was go figure!

I think it is the Media Manager program that continually scans all your folders for new content. I turned that off as well but am not really sure if it made the program load faster. CD ripping is a breeze with lots of options and the basic DVD burning so far works well although it takes a long time to encode and then burn video material.

I did have some initial trouble burning the. I really think that all the negative comments about this program are individual computer system related problems. I mean think of all the variables that would cause problems. Luckily I have not yet experienced any of the catstrophic problems that some other users have had. The manual is very basic and just touches the surface of what each component of this program can do. Each component of the program has its own HELP information in the menu with more detailed information.

This program definitely has something for everybody from the novice to the advanced user. Hopefully you will have good luck with it too.

It took over an hour to install, and then I had to do several registry tweaks to stop some of its components from automatically starting every time I boot why do software makers assume their product is the only one you ever plan to use?

Then, the interface is clumsy, not very intuitive at all in my opinion. Simple tasks, like burning an MP3 disc, are not accesible from the main screen. I had to go to the "help" function to find out how to burn an MP3 disc, but "help" was nearly worthless. They say "click on such-and-such button", but no such button exists on the screen where you're at, and they don't tell you how to get to the screen you need to be on.

The main screen has a "most frequent tasks" menu on the right, and the top of the menu is "Audio CD". Perfect, this should be easy. There ought to be a way to set a default pregap and probably is, but I couldn't find it - so I had to manually set the gap on each of the 17 tracks I'd loaded. What comes up is a menu of options, most of which have nothing at all to do with burning audio CDs. The only relevant options are "Normalize" and "Reduce Background Noise", features no one who cares about audio integrity would ever use at the burn stage anyway.

No option anywhere, as far as I can tell, to burn multiple copies.

Roxio Launches Easy Media Creator 10

Dec 08,  · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 (OLD VERSION) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(). roxio easy media creator 10 free download - Easy CD Creator Software Update, Easy CD Creator Update, Easy CD Creator Update (Standard), and many more programs. Roxio Easy CD Creator v Platinum Edition: Roxio Easy Cd Dvd Creator v Roxio Easy Media Creator 7: Roxio Easy Media Creator v Build Roxio GoBack Deluxe 3: Roxio GoBack v Roxio Goback v Deluxe: Roxio Photosuite 4 Platinum Edition: Roxio Photosuite 5 Platinum Edition.

Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Price Comparison


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