Should you buy Mudbox 2015, or Rent It?

James Taylor 24 Comments If you are new to sculpting, this is the big question that you want answered: When it comes to sculpting, most people think zBrush. In fact, most people are surprised that I teach Mudbox at all, and I get a lot of question about when I am going to do some zBrush tutorials. But there is a very specific reason that I teach Mudbox. Sculpting is its own art form. Maya is primarily a technical package, whereas sculpting is primarily an artistic discipline. This is what makes Mudbox great. That means no time is spent learning the software — just learning to sculpt! And those sculpting skills will transfer over to any other sculpting tasks — so learning zBrush later will be MUCH easier. The problem with learning zBrush With zBrush, the case is reversed.

Should you buy Mudbox 2015, or Rent It?


Renting vs. Buying a Home: The 5% Rule

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