Descarga - Foundations of Photography: Composition

Welcome - Hi, I'm Gerardo Herrera; and welcome to my course on packaging design basics. Packaging design is all around us; and just about every company, in one way or another, will encounter packaging design needs that require special insight on processes, shapes, materials, colors, and information that play an important role in expressing the brand experience. Many of the creative options available to a photographer hinge on an in-depth understanding of lenses. In Foundations of Photography: Lenses, Ben Long shows how to choose lenses and take full advantage of their creative course covers fundamental concepts that apply to any camera, such as focal length and camera position, and shows how to evaluate and shop for . - Hi, my name is Ben Long, and welcome to Foundations of Photography, Composition. How many times have you come back from shooting and looked at your images and thought, "Wow, this one really works," and, "This one really doesn't." Sometimes an image doesn't work because of a technical problem. (upbeat music) - Like all creative endeavors, photography is a combination of technical skill and artistic vision. It's necessary to study and practice both. And, in this course, we're going to go deep into the artistic vision side of things as we explore how to improve your skill at photographic composition. In Video for Photographers: Shooting with a DSLR, photographer and videographer Rob Sheppard provides the essential foundation that photographers need to make the leap from still pictures to moving technical considerations, such as audio and frame rates, to aesthetic issues, such as composition and story development, this course presents concepts .

descarga - Foundations of Photography: Composition

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