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The version of the. NET Framework that your Office solution targets. Add the. NET Framework 4 or the. NET Framework 4. The Redistributables page opens. In the list of redistributable components, select appropriate the check box for the version of the. NET Framework that your solution targets. For example, if your solution targets the. A dialog box might appear asking whether you want to install the redistributable component, which InstallShield requires before you can add the component as a prerequisite.

If this dialog box doesn't appear, the component already exists on your computer. If this dialog box appears, choose the No button.

Therefore, you could manually create a configuration file that refers to the most recent version. You must then put that file into the same directory as the configuration files for all of the other items that appear in the Redistributables page.

In the Save As dialog box, browse to your Desktop folder. Note Make sure that you add. Close Notepad. For bit operating systems: In the list of redistributable components, select the Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime check box. A dialog box might appear asking whether you want to install the redistributable component.

If this dialog box doesn't appear, you can skip to the Specify where you want to deploy the solution on the user's computer section of this topic. If you want to support per-computer installations, create two separate installers. You can split installers based on the Office version bit and bit or on the Windows version bit and bit that the user is running. Per-user installations require only one installer regardless of Office or Windows version.

If you're deploying a document-level customization, you can immediately go to the Configure a document-level customization section. To specify whether you want to support per-user or per-computer installations In Solution Explorer, expand the OfficeAddInSetup project node, expand the Organize Your Setup node, and then choose the General Information file. The properties of the setup project appear. In the list for the AllUSERS property, specify whether you want this solution to be installed for all users of the computer or for only the user who installs the solution.

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Cheap InstallShield X Express Edition Software

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