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DEN has 15 members which include the Minister and Government officials responsible for the provision, transportation, distribution and utilization of energy; and other stakeholders 2 from academia; 2 from industry; 1 technology representative; 1 environment representative; and 2 from consumer groups. Regulatory Framework B. Incorporation as a limited liability company under Company Law No. Investment Law No. Law No. Legislative Responsibilities: Sanctions for non-compliance are covered in all related legislation.

As this publication went to print, the Government Regulation providing details of these social and environmental responsibilities had not been issued.

Regulatory Framework resources must allocate funds to site restoration that fulfill the standards of an environmental feasibility Article Sanctions for non-compliance with Article 15 of the Investment Law which includes corporate social responsibility include restriction of business activities; and freezing or revocation of business activities Article 34 of the Investment Law.

The Environment Law No. The environmental quality requirements which concern emissions and waste water temperature levels have been the subject of recent industry concerns due to the time lag required in implementing new process technologies and increased production costs.

As this publication went to print there had been no decision on a postponement of Law No. The Forestry Law No. A recent 1 February, Presidential Decree has allowed projects, including oil and gas activities, power plants, mining, transport and renewable energy projects, to take place in protected forests where they are deemed strategically important.

Stakeholders C. Regulatory Framework laws and regulations, and awarding contracts. It is also responsible for the National Master Plan for the transmission and distribution of natural gas.

Under Law No. The Implementing Body has the following role: BPH Migas is charged with assuring sufficient natural gas and domestic fuel supplies and the safe operation of refining, storage, transportation and distribution of gas and petroleum products via business licences.

PP No. The chairman and members of the Regulatory Body are responsible to the President who appoints them after consultation with the Parliament. This includes oversight of all oil and gas activities. Regulatory Framework C. Pertamina still retains authority from the Government to supply fuel oil for domestic consumption, with a subsidy provided by the Government. Pertamina is laying the groundwork for full privatization to take place at some point in the future.

To achieve these objectives, PGN is constructing transmission lines in accordance with policies set out by the Government. The main objective of the IGA is to provide a forum to discuss matters relating to natural gas and to advance knowledge, research and development in the areas of gas technology.

Regulatory Framework the producing, transporting, consuming and regulatory segments of the gas industry. The organization currently has about members from various disciplines. Upstream Sector III. Upstream Sector This section covers the following topics: Upstream Regulations Articles , Law No.

A summary of Law No. Work Areas Upstream business activities i. Once a work area is returned it becomes an open area. Upstream Sector A. Awarding of Contracts — direct offers or tenders for new acreage A.

In a direct offer, a company who performs a technical assessment through a joint study with the Directorate General of Oil and Gas will then receive the right to match the highest bidder of the tender round. Tenders for new acreage The majority of new acreage is awarded through a tendering process. The tendering steps involved are as follows: The fee for the bid information package varies and is nonrefundable; b.

The fee for the data package will vary depending on the nature of the block; c. The bid documents consist of: Tender Document Checklist

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Entertainment Creation Suite 2019 Ultimate price

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